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Mission Statement

The idea for this conference grew out of the University of York’s workshop on the RHS’s report on Race, Ethnicity and Equality in UK History. We were both struck by the discussions we took part in, and realised that we wanted to create a similar event that allowed undergraduate students to engage with the discipline - but in particular with the histories and discussions that resonate with them, and which don’t often receive space in the discipline. For us, the conference is an opportunity for students to take ownership of the discipline at an early stage in their academic career, and to tell the stories that matter to them, whether or not they intend to pursue academia professionally.

We’ve chosen to study the intersectionality of four areas of history that we feel are underrepresented in most historical work: women’s history, LGBT+ history, BME history, and histories of disability. Intersectionality is  so rarely explored, especially in a manner that appreciates the diversity among minorities. We want to appreciate, for example, the queer, disabled men excluded from LGBT+ spaces, and the African women neglected in the celebrations of Black (but mostly Caribbean) nurses. We want to give them space and give students a chance to engage with them. #UGhistconf

We are sponsored by: Royal Historical Society; Social History Society; Economic History Society; Society for the Study of Labour History; History UK; University of York's History Department; University of York. See the list here

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